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As a service to parents, the classes listed below may be viewed or downloaded for free. Please do not alter or remove the Utah Youth Village logo, copyright or contact information. Additional class content and features will be added on an ongoing basis, so please check back often.

Punishment vs. Teaching
This class shows how parents can modify their parenting style to favor teaching over inappropriate punishment as a means by which to control their children's behavior.

Observing and Describing Behavior
This class helps parents learn how to accurately describe our children's behaviors in terms they can understand. This is a critical first step toward learning how to teach our children.

Positive and Negative Consequences
As we all know, consequences are essential. This class shows parents how effective use of consequences can help children to learn that their behaviors lead to results, both positive and negative.

Effective Praise
Praise is one of the most effective positive consequences children can receive. In this class, parents will learn how effective use of praise can help motivate their children to engage in more positive behaviors while reducing their negative behaviors as well.

Family Meetings and Developing Rules
Family meetings can be a great way to help your family members to focus on maintaining healthy relationships, as well as issues that can affect the entire family. This class helps parents develop a plan for holding family meetings and for using those meetings to set rules that everyone can agree on.

Setting Goals
This class helps parents understand how charts and contracts can be used as a means to help their children set (and meet) personal goals. Charts and contract are also an excellent way to motivate children to learn new behaviors or to engage in additional positive behaviors.

Preventive Teaching
This class shows parents how to outline expectations for their children in more detail. Using the technique discussed in this class can also be a good way to prepare children for success by giving them advance opportunities to think about how they will react in certain situations.

Corrective Teaching
Parents can use Corrective Teaching to respond to their children's negative behaviors. This class shows parents how to combine desciptions of behavior with effective consequences and practice to help reduce ongoing negative behaviors.

Intensive Teaching
One of the most frustrating aspects of parenting is dealing with an angry, defiant child who simply refuses to do what parents ask. This class shows parents a technique for dealing with such situations in a more effective manner.

Problem Solving
No matter what their age, kids are making decisions all the time. This class demonstrates a process for solving problems that children and parents can use together while also teaching children how to make good decisions on their own.

Putting It All Together
Each of the skills and techniques discussed in this series of classes can be valuable for parents seeking to manage their children's behaviors. But real change will come when parents begin to use these tools together. This class provides an example designed to help parents begin to integrate these tools on their own.

Index of Class Materials
The index provides a comprehensive listing of all downloadable content available in this series of classes. Materials are sorted by class.

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